Why do teeth break?

Teeth usually break when they are under too much stress from your bite (how your teeth interlock) or when teeth are weakened through large holes or fillings. Cracks and stress marks can often be seen as lines in the outer coating and may extend deep inside to the nerve of the tooth. Teeth are unable to heal cracks and this is why careful management is needed to prevent teeth from breaking and becoming infected*. Every time your tooth breaks the nerve is aggravated.

Teeth are fixed* in different ways depending on how broken they are. 

Small Break: your tooth can usually be fixed with a plastic material (we only use non- BPA products). 

Medium Break: your tooth may be fixable with plastic material but depending on the size of the break, a stronger material may be recommended to reduce the risk of further breaking/cracking of your tooth. A stronger material may be porcelain or gold which is tougher and stronger. They are more expensive but likely to last a lot longer. Ask your dentist for the best option for your tooth.

Large Break: the tooth nerve may not survive due to the depth of the crack and the aggravation that this causes. If the tooth is not hurting and healthy, a large plastic filling or cap may be recommended. 

Teeth can fracture beyond repair and this is why early intervention is needed to prevent or minimise the risk of losing your tooth.

How much does it cost to fix my tooth?

Approximately $350 for a plastic filling without your Extras Cover

If you have Extras it may cover the whole cost of your filling.

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