An extraction is the removal of a tooth from your mouth. Extractions vary in complexity and difficulty as well as the complications that can arise*. Some extractions we may advise be undertaken by a specialist due to the risk of complications. 

Whole tooth extraction - removal of tooth as one unit. 

Sectional extraction - cut tooth into sections for removal

Approximately $350-450 without your Extras Cover

If you have Extras it may cover the whole cost your procedure.

Wisdom Teeth Removal (Extraction)

We remove wisdom teeth with these being some of the most complex of dental extractions. Wisdom teeth can be problematic due to impaction, misalignment leading gum inflammation and infection, cyst formation or damage to adjacent teeth through food trapage and decay or resorption. Wisdom teeth emerge into the mouth between 18-25 years. This age is a good time to have them assessed by a qualified health professional. 

Surgical removal - wisdom teeth (third molars) are often embedded in the bone or gum requiring a different process for removal with the lifting of gums and bone removal and suturing of your gums back down. We recommend that you seek a second opinion and you always have the option of seeking a specialist.

Wisdom teeth removal can cost $450 per tooth.

If you have Extras Private Health insurance, this may cover some of the cost of your procedure.

For more information see wisdom tooth

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