Why is my tooth aching or sensitive?

The two most common types of pain from teeth are sensitivity usually from something cold or sugary and/or aching pain.

Sensitivity can be due to holes in a tooth exposing the nerve to temperature changes or fluid movement from something sugary. However, sometimes sensitivity can occur from exposed areas on the outside of your tooth such as root surface. These areas have less protective coatings making them more vulnerable to hard brushing, grinding habits or gum recession (gum receding or pulling away from your teeth may be a sign you have gum disease). 

Aching pain may be due to the nerve becoming hyper inflamed or infected. Sometimes this is reported as causing sleep loss and radiating throbbing pain. This type of pain usually indicates that the nerve has reached a point of hyper nerve inflammation which fillings or crowns cannot fixed. 

I want my tooth pain to go away? 

Once the nerve in your tooth has become hyper inflamed the options for a filling or repair of your broken tooth become limited. A constant throbbing pain from tooth usually calls for start of a root canal treatment or removal of your tooth from the mouth*. 

How much will it cost?

Approximately $350 - 450 without your Extras Cover

If you have Extras it may cover the whole cost the procedure. 

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